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The cabin – ISENSI

The cabin.

LUCIA is a sensory stimulation centre. Through the hydromassage effect of the water spray, it helps carers and family members with cleaning routines. We allow you to enjoy the pleasurable sensation during the bath.

This is a unique offer on the market, which opens the way to an entire new category of products. There is currently no competition other than manual washing techniques and the traditional shower or bath equipment.

We tell you everything.

How does it work?.

Ergonomic studies have demonstrated that the cabin is comfortable, and it is also hygienic, safe and translucent to maintain the user’s privacy.

  • The water-spray therapy guarantees a pleasant, comfortable and relaxing sensation.
  • High quality soap and perfumes are employed
  • The carers activate the wash process via a touchscreen with intuitive software.
  • With the essential oils, the therapists carry out treatments through the scents.
  • LUCIA also incorporates music and colour lighting.
  • The scalp massage is done manually.

The complete cycle lasts around 20 minutes.
It provides a relaxing sensation through the following standard cycle programs*:

Cabin disinfection cycle: 1 minute
Before and after use, the cabin is completely disinfected.

Washing cycle (water + perfumed gel): 4 minutes
TBody treatments: high quality bath gels and perfumes. ISENSI is associated with a highly regarded brand that provides value thanks to its trusted treatments and its reputation.

Rinse cycle: 3 minutes
Drying cycle + aromatherapy with natural essences: 12 minutes

* In addition to the standard programme, it is possible to configure personalised programmes according to the individual user’s needs.

See the details.

Easy installation and maintenance. The cabin is intuitive to use using a touchscreen.
ISENSI offers 360º technical support.

Hot water input: 3/4” Power: 3,5 kW
Cold water input: 3/4” Voltage: 220-240 V
Recommended drainage: Ø40mm Current: 16A
Internet (Wi-Fi) connectivity is required

The elements.


With the essential oils, the users’ mood is improved thanks to the therapeutic benefits that the natural scents offer.


We employ musical elements and harmony to facilitate relationships, promoting communication, movement and expression, among other objectives.

Colour Lighting

Via LED technology, we offer a range of colour lighting with therapeutic benefits in the headrest area of the cabin.